Top 10 Selected to Demo at 2016 Digital Startup Accelerator

After reading through the applications of 105 teams, we are pleased to announce the top 10 startups that will be pitching in front of key investors and global influencers. The founders in this cohort are graduates of 34 Caribbean programs.

  1. (Jamaica) water efficiency for the future
  2. (Trinidad) Curated box of local foods delivered to your door!
  3. (St.Lucia) Farming made simple
  4. (Trinidad) Disrupting digital support for local businesses
  5. (Antigua) The google maps of the Caribbean
  6. (Haiti) Destined to become the amazon of Haiti-#1 e-commerce for the country
  7. (Jamaica) Transforming the face of entertainment in the Caribbean
  8. (Montserrat) Centralized hub for tourism and travel within the Caribbean
  9. (Jamaica) The leading blog site for anything Caribbean
  10. (Guyana) changing how we eat, one produce at a time

We welcome all startups to register on the site to profile their companies for future opportunities. Congratulations to the selected finalists!


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