Top 10 Articles About the Caribbean Startup Scene in 2015

The Caribbean startup scene kicked off around 2007. Yet has not gained momentum until 2011 with the launch of the Richard Branson Center  and CaribbeanBeta conference in Jamaica.  A surge of startup events occurred in 2013 with the influence of Startup Weekend and this year PitchITCaribbean and the Caribbean Startup Summit already made 2016 a promising time for investors and entrepreneurs. To get both Caribbeans and global parties up to speed, we curated the top 10 articles one should read to dive into the startup ecosystem of the Caribbean.

Startup Ecosystem 

  1. 2016 The Caribbean Startup Ecosystem: A Leapfrogging Opportunity—This was an amazing kickoff in the effort to fortify the Caribbean Startup Ecosystem. This is where I believe the Caribbean can leapfrog other ecosystems. Thanks to its proximity to the U.S., English as a common language and an international mindset, this region has an advantage when it comes to attracting high quality mentors with strong track records.
  2. 2015 Forbes-Can Jamaica ‘Hack’ Entrepreneurship For The Caribbean?—Put all of these elements together, and you’ve got a disruptive, if not audacious, bid to create a functioning ecosystem for early stage entrepreneurship.
  3. 2015 Why All these eyes on the Caribbean Startup Ecosystem Now?— Like Africa, Miami, parts of Eastern Europe, the Caribbean’s Startup Ecosystem is nascent and growing. At the moment, Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, and Dominican Republic has been getting alot of attention because of the level of tech entrepreneurial activity that’s been bubbling up there. And yes, Jamaica has been leading the pack, primarily based on its level of community growth, event activities ( the movement kickstarted in 2007) and the work of government/development agencies and corporate champions. Yet over the past 2.5 years, the attention in our neck of the woods, has been getting heated.
  4. 2014 13 Potential Caribbean Tech Hubs—-COULD a Caribbean city develop into a Silicon Beach? As the Caribbean seeks to develop, it will need to be creative — and part of that means both attracting creative people and companies to its shores and supporting creative people and companies at home.
  5. 2011 Who is a Tech Entrepreneur? Any in the Caribbean?—List of Caribbean Tech Entrepreneurs to Watch

Startup Funding 

  1. 2016 Caribbean Startup Bitt Receives $4 Million— has announced it has invested $4 million USD into Caribbean exchange Bitt. Bitt aims to digitize fiat currency within the Caribbean so islands can trade and each unit will be tracked with blockchain technology.
  2. 2013 Ways To Get Investors Interested In Your Startup—Entrepreneurs have a number of funding options available to them. From crowdsourcing to angel investors and venture capitalists, there are many organizations and individuals interested in backing startups.Take a look at these five ways to appeal to potential investors and get funding.
  3. 2011 6 reasons why Caribbean tech start-ups cannot access funding—The challenges of financing a start-up, and a tech start-up in particular, is a common lament across the Caribbean. Frequently this claim has also been a deterrent to many to develop their ideas and start a business. This post outlines six reasons why access to funding can be difficult in the region.

Startups to Watch 

  1. 2016: Pitchit Caribbean Challenge Announces Its 25 Caribbean Startup Finalists: —Caribbean Tech Entrepreneurship competition and showcase produced by the Caribbean Mobile Innovation Programme ( CMIP),  announced the 25 Caribbean Startup teams who will be vying for US$5000 in seed funding and a spot in one of four PitchIT Caribbean Accelerators.
  2. 2015: SiliconCaribe.Com’s Top Caribbean Startups To Watch In 2015—The region had, and in some cases still has, its own eBay (, Yahoo (, early social networks ( and,online dating (,alumni networks  (, its own Search Engine (, Online Ad Network ( caribclix), Car Classifieds             ( and so much more.

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