July 5, 2017

Startup Cuba

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  • StartupCuba  :We provide emerging entrepreneurs in Cuba with experiential learning and mentoring opportunities. Since 2008, the Cuban private sector has enjoyed a timid yet stable development. Nowadays in Cuba, the recently emerged private sector provides a new opportunity for individuals to start their own businesses. In 2010, when licenses began to be issued for 201 categories of self-employment, the number of micro-entrepreneurs grew steadfastly. Currently, there are approximately 450,000 registered micro-entrepreneurs.
  • Cuba Startups : On our blog you will find some useful insights, tips and reflections on recent developments.Our professional services are tailored to individuals and companies seeking business opportunities in an exciting and widely untapped market. Overcoming cultural barriers, we connect you to business partners in Cuba, do the necessary due diligence and legal ground work for you to concentrate on starting up your business.

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