March 10, 2017- Launching the Tech Ecosystem in Haiti & the Caribbean.

Alongside influencers from the Aruba Atech Foundation, Christine Souffrant Ntim will speak on a panel discussing the emerging tech ecosystem of the Caribbean on March 10, 2017, titled “The Caribbean, The Up and Coming Tech Melting Pot“.

The Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur is already the founder of the largest digital online accelerator in the region, graduating 100 companies across 18 countries annually and is the host of two major regional events this year: such as Singularity’s Global Grand Challenge Caribbean from March 6-27, 2017 and the annual Haiti Tech Summit on June 6-7, 2017. Both events will feature speakers and partners from Google Launch Pad, Tech Stars, Airbnb and more. For each initiative, Haiti is the central base of operations.

Hosting these programs in Haiti not only aims to revitalize economic activity in the country but to also provide a new narrative for Haiti and emerging markets. “We need to stop the negative feedback loop that features countries like Haiti as a land of devastation and destruction. As the first black republic, Haiti has a profound history of empowerment, leadership, and innovation. We aim to revive that image and place Haiti as a central point of innovation within tech, impact and entrepreneurship in the region” says- Christine Souffrant Ntim.


Maggie Chin- Press Lead Secretary

Global Startup Ecosystem Team


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